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Arwid Bancewicz

Software Engineer, Full-Stack

Mobile +1.647.667.4174
Address Toronto, Ontario


  1. BASc, Computer Engineering

    University of Toronto
    Sept 2005 - Nov 2010
    4 years (worked 1 year)


  1. Don't ask people what they do, ask what they're building. Jonathan Fields
  2. Software EngineerContract Long-haul trucking at the touch of a button, San Francisco, CA
    May 2015 - present
    1+ years
    • Built an automated bidder for live auctions, a browser-based call-centre and email client (Twilio/Mailgun/Pusher), realtime upgrades to an AngularJS app (Pusher/Firebase), website crawlers, email account creation (PhantomJS/ContextIO/ChromeExt)
    • Tech Stack: AngularJS/Mongo/NodeJS/RabbitMQ/Pusher/Firebase/CircleCI/AWS/Splunk/Sentry/PagerDuty
  3. Software EngineerContract Local Register › Subscribe And Save, Seattle, WA
    Apr 2014 - March 2015
    1 year
    • Helped launch a revamped Subscribe And Save experience, plus international tablet expansion.
    • Helped launch a product for merchants to accept credit card payments on their mobile device.
    • Tech Stack: Java/JSP/Mason/Perl/BackboneJS/Handlebars/SCSS/Java/Objective-C
  4. Co-Founder Social Shopping, 3 Co-Founders, Boston, MA
    Jun 2012 - May 2013
    1 year
    • Finalists in the MassChallenge startup accelerator in Boston and selected into Microsoft BizSpark One.
    • Responsibilities: Team, Vision, Product, Strategy, Front-end Dev, Design, PR
    • Tech Stack: CoffeeScript/BackboneJS/Zepto/HBS/Haml/SaSS/CSS3/ROR3/Azure/C#.Net/PostgreSQL/GIT
  5. Founder Development Shop & Idea Incubator, Toronto, ON
    May '12 - Aug '12, Jun '13 - Mar '14
    1 year
    • Accepted into a Toronto startup accelerator for GamifySports: second screen experiences for live sports.
    • It's a product umbrella and development shop for web apps, inspired by ZURB and MILK, a startup incubator.
    • Built,, PassBox for DropBox,
    • Tech Stack: CoffeeScript/BackboneJS/ROR3/PHP/NodeJS/SequelizeJS/Socket.IO/MongoDB/Heroku/GIT
  6. Lead Web App DeveloperContract, Project-basis Mobile Apps for Events, Toronto, ON
    Dec 2011 - Apr 2012
    4 months
    • Built their flagship HTML5 app, at the time the #1 Event App, serving 3+ Million attendees in 25 countries.
    • Tech Stack: CoffeeScript/BackboneJS/HBS/Ruby/PHP
  7. Co-Founder

    Vertex.IO Making Mobile Development Easy, 4 Co-Founders, Toronto, ON
    Jun 2011 - Oct 2011
    5 months
    • Making mobile HTML5 app development easy with a PaaS to provide both hosting and data services.
    • Tech Stack: NodeJS/Jade/CouchDB/Cloud9IDE-Integration
  8. Lead Software DeveloperContract, Month-to-month Social Platform For Innovation, ~6 Employee Startup, Toronto, ON
    Dec 2010 - Feb 2011
    2 months
    • Prototyped several products using ROR, Sammy, jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch.
  9. Software DeveloperContract, 16-months

    Camilion Solutions (Now part of SAP) Insurance Software, ~200 Employees, Richmond Hill, ON
    May 2008 - Aug 2009
    16 months
    • Architected a new UI for an existing product in Ext JS/J2EE/Spring and supported teams as the Ext Expert.
    • Experienced the life cycles of two product releases (including formal QA); and a new product prototype.
  10. Lead Software DeveloperPart-time/Full-time E-publishing, ~20 Employee Startup, Toronto, ON
    May 2005 - May 2008
    3 years
    • Rewrote various features of a C#/.Net desktop application and a JS app.
  11. Self-Employed

  12. Owner and Web Developer (Formerly)
    Jun 2006 - Mar 2011
    5 years
    • Web development for small businesses and some larger brands such as Perimeter Financial, HD Supply, Ducati & Lamborghini.
  13. Competition

  14. Programming Contest - Placed First

    OBEA Computer Programming Contest 2005 (Province of Ontario)
    Oct 2004 - Apr 2005
    8 months
  15. Community

  16. Community Involvement

    Open Source at
    Oct 2006 - Present

Language Usage

The following statistics were generated from code commits in local repositories and based on characters of code: (Jan 2014)

  • JavaScript/CoffeeScript/NodeJS (41%)
  • Java/JJ (16%)
  • CSS/SCSS/SASS (10%)
  • C# (7%)
  • Ruby/ROR (3%)
  • C/C++ (1%)
  • ActionScript (1%)
  • PHP (1%)


    • Toastmasters, 3 Clubs, PR Officer
    • Ice Hockey, EAA, ASHL, PHN
    • Tennis, Singles
    • Glider Pilot, YSA


  1. Coursework

    • Final Design Project, 2010
      Worked on enhancing an existing software; a distributed Publish/Subscribe middleware designed for large-scale event management applications. Replaced the existing message creation mechanism with JavaCC parsers to allow the software to accept industrial-standard communication protocols such as XML, JSON, and YAML.
    • HTTP Server Design Project, ECE299, 2007
      Lead a team of three to create an object-oriented HTTP web server in C++. Implemented multi-threading, server clustering, log files, graceful server shutdown, and various features for protocol processing such as virtual web hosting, automatic pathname expansion, and dynamic content handling.
    • Digital Systems Project (3D Objects), ECE983/241, 2006
      One of the top projects in the class of 290 and one of only two projects implementing 3D graphics. Created a 3D system in hardware (Verilog & Schematics) that displays a transformable 3D object. Learned Verilog beyond scope of course and did personal research in 3D graphics theory. Implemented line drawing algorithms & trigonometric computation in hardware.
    • Assembly Project, ECE243, 2007
      Coded a memory game in 68k Assembly using a hex keypad user-interface, microphone and speakers.
    • Communication Device, ECE298, 2006
      Enabled communication between two devices by transmitting various laser beam frequencies.
  2. Awards

    • Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Small Business Management Certificate, University of Toronto, 2008
    • Top Digital Systems Project (3D Objects) 2006, University of Toronto
    • Dean’s Honour List, University of Toronto, 2005-2007
    • Finalist in Bridge Design Runoff, University of Toronto, 2005
    • First place, OBEA Computer Programming Contest, 2005
    • Computer Science Award, Michael Power St. Joseph, 2005

Arwid Bancewicz — — +1.647.667.4174